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Southover CE Primary School

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mr Noel Fadden - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Lisa Walker - Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs Zoe Short - Assistant Headteacher


The staff at Southover

Senior Leadership Team


                 Mr Noel Fadden

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lisa Walker

Assistant Headteacher & Inclusion Manager

Mrs Zoe Short

Phase Leader Year 5 & 6

Mrs Gill Fenton

Phase Leader Year 3 & 4

Mrs Clare Thompson

Phase Leader KS1 & EYFS

Mrs Zoe Short

 School Business Manager  Mrs Jo Roadway

Teaching Staff

Year R Heron

Mrs Ruth Wray

Year 1 Puffin

Miss Paige Heywood

Year 2 Bluebird

Miss Alexis Miller

Year 2 Wren

Miss Natalie Grant

Year 3 Swallow

Miss Louise Upton

Year 3 Woodpecker

Miss Jade Powell

Year 4 Kingfisher

Mrs Clare Thompson/ Mrs Jennifer Burrows

Year 4 Skylark

Mrs Carol Powell

Year 5 Swift

Miss Hannah Bryant

Year 5 Eagle

Miss Cassie Hayward-Tapp

Year 5 Osprey

Mrs Abi Kellie/ Mrs Ali Knox

Year 6 Falcon

Year 6 Nightingale


Mr Tom Sanders

Mrs Gill Fenton/Mrs Ruth Eke


Teaching Assistants


Ms Denise Brewer


Mrs Sue Fitzsimmons


Mr David Johns


Mrs Zoe Poole


Mrs Nikki Verrall


Miss Liz Ross


Mrs Charlotte Wood


Mrs Jennifer Starbuck


Mrs May Gillaspy


Mrs Jacqui Woodley


Ms Juliette Webb


Ms Alison Bell


Mrs Cathy Dawson


Mrs Gemma Atkins


Mrs Fiona Saville


Mrs Cheryl Newman

Mrs Jo Templeton

Support Staff


School Business Manager

Mrs Jo Roadway

Office Admin

Mrs Frances Cane


Mrs Sarah Maltby

Admin. Assistant

Miss Vicky Rea


Site Manager

Mrs Zoe Fisher

Assistant Site Manager

Mrs Tina Todd

School Cleaners

Mrs Anita Quinton


Mrs Karin Pett


Ms Samantha Richardson

Midday Meals Supervisory Assistants (MDSA)

   Mrs Liz Cromarty


A number of staff also work as MDSAs