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Southover CE Primary School

Parent Carer Survey

Southover School Parent Carer Survey Dec 2021


Thank you all for taking the time to contribute to our Parent/Carer survey. We had a total of 94 families responding and the overall picture is incredibly positive and supportive.


We are delighted to see that the extra time and efforts put in by staff are appreciated and ensure your children achieve well, feel valued and know they belong at Southover. All but two said they are happy at school and no one felt they were unsafe or not cared for; these are the foundations for learning.


The behaviour is equally really positive and the comments added alongside have been read and discussed where a few points of concern have been noted. The leadership team have made a point of being as accessible and visible as possible so that we can offer support in these kinds of areas. The responses from the leadership team have clearly been as you would have wanted in most cases although not for everyone. Whilst the level of satisfaction is really high, it is always a challenge to mediate between families and children when there is upset and to balance confidentiality with openness and we will continue to work on this.


We are pleased with the responses in all areas including our vibrant curriculum but will look further at how we can keep you more informed of the children’s progress and from some of the additional comments, we know a few families want to know more about what they are learning. With remote learning, there will always be differing views as there is such a variance in support across families, but the satisfaction levels are really high. The additional comments recognised where staff have gone above and beyond and have also helped us improve provision in the spring lockdown.


The governors have discussed your comments and would like to be more visible so you know who they are and what they do. They come from the community, parents, staff and Trinity Church.

We all work together —children, parents, staff, Trinity Church and the community.


All the responses have been looked at by the leadership team and the governors to use the information to continue to improve. Please click on the link at teh top to see the details.


A big thank you to all the staff, governors, children and parents/carers who should be proud of the school they are part of; you all contribute and play your part in the success of Southover!

Well done.

Noel Fadden (Head Teacher)