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Southover CE Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers, We are delighted with the response to SeeSaw and the way staff, parents and children have taken to a new way of learning. Our guidelines for best use are:

• We will continue to post three activities a day – this seems just right and know many families have other demands.

• We will archive work at the end of each week so Mondays start with new work

• The feedback and communication is beginning and this is great. We intend to look at all posts but couldn’t reply to them all. Be aware that 6 posts each makes a lot of posts for the teacher!

• Be aware that teachers have families too so do not expect immediate responses

• Teachers may share answer sheets later in the day if it allows children to self-mark. We do this in school to help give them immediate feedback while the work is fresh in their minds.

• They can do the work on a separate sheet if easier and photograph it and send (use a dark pen/pencil)

• Their work is not able to be seen by others unless we share it as a fine example.

• Setting up a family link is encouraged so parents can see the journals and can message privately with staff if there are problems.

You can help each other by sharing tips on using SeeSaw and downloading the app; some people are move IT savvy than others. Remember to prioritise your family wellbeing. Having a structure can be a key part of this and keeping their brains ticking can also be important.